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About Us

Formerly known as Sushi 88 & Ramen, our restaurant is focused on providing a fun place for friends and family to enjoy fresh Japanese cuisine. The number "88" is very symbolic in Asian culture. Not only is it a lucky number in Chinese, symbolizing the character for fortune, it also can be rearranged into the character for rice, representing goodness in Japanese culture.

Eighty-Eight and the new logo, four interlocking circles, represents the family's next generation of owners to lead the restaurant to the next level. Our focus is on elevating the restaurant experience while honoring our past. We hope you will be able to see this in our food and the relationships we build with our amazing customers.

Selim Mert B:

5 Star Review - Yelp
This place is amazing. Their food is DELICIOUS! and presentation was great! Super friendly servers and definitely great sushi chefs! Thank you guys for everything, it was our first time but not going to be last!

Sean B.

5 Star Review - Yelp
The other reviews don't lie. I'll give you the hits . The sushi is not only of the highest quality but a pretty decent portion as well. I noticed that a majority of the people had Ramen soup so I came back today to try it and it was over the top as far as quality and taste. .

Debra F.

5 Star Review - Yelp
First time there ...loved everything we tried. Cherry Bombs amazing. Dragon Balls, Nigiri & the eighty-eight roll. Service was great & timing of getting our food was spot on! Definitely be back!

Taylor H.

5 Star Review - Yelp
Love love loveeeeee this place! This sushi place is fairly new in Mountain View and I fell in love with it. Their rolls are extremely unique and I appreciated the different variations of rolls. The fish was fresh and you can tell the chefs put time into crafting each roll...

530 Showers Dr #4, Mountain View, CA 94040

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